We've Got A World That Swings

Words & Music by Louis Yule Brown & Lil Mattis
Recorded by Mel Torme, 1964

D      A        Gm7       Edim
Up at dawning, sleepy and yawning,

 D        C#m7-5    B7
Still the taste of wine;

Em7      A7             D6   B7
Then I remember you're mine, and

Em7         A7           D    A7   
I've got a world that's fine.

  D        A        Gm7          Edim
What's before me?  Routines that bore me,

D        C#m7-5     B7
Punch the clock at eight;

Em7      A7             D6   B7
Then I remember you're mine,  

    Em7         A7           D    
And I've got a world that's great.


F#7  Gdim  F#7     Gdim      Bm     F#7    Bm
Atom bombs,   Cape Kennedy, false alarms;

        Bm7-5        E     Cdim      E7
Half the universe is up in arms,
    Bm7-5   Fdim     A     G/B Cm7-5  E    Cdim Gdim
So I flip a little, too, until  I'm  hold - ing you.

  D        A        Gm7          Edim
What's the hassle?  I'll buy the castle --

D     C#m7-5      B7
We can live like kings.

Em7          A7         D6   B7
If we're together for - ev - er,

Em7         A7         F#m7          B7
I've got a world that, you've got a world that,

G     G/F#   Em7   A7    D
We've got a world that swings.

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