What's New

Words & Music by Johnny Burke & Bob Haggart, 1939
Recorded by Linda Ronstadt on Lush Life, 1983 (#53)

Intro: |  E  C#m7 | F#m B7 | E  C#m7 | F#m  B7 (Cdim) |

(Cdim)   E         C#m7
What's new?

Dm7          G7            CM7      Am7
How is the world treating you?

F#7          Cdim     Em6  C#m7-5
You haven't changed a bit;

F#7       Cdim  E        C#m7  F#m  B7
Lovely as ever, I must admit.

Cdim   E         C#m7
What's new?

Dm7          G7               CM7      Am7
How did that romance come through?

F#7        Cdim        Em6  C#m7-5
We haven't met since then-

F#7           Cdim     E        C#m7    Bm7    E7
Gee, but it's nice to see you again.

(Key Change to A)

Fdim    A     F#m
What's new?

  Gm7     C7         FM7    Dm7
Probably I'm boring you,

    Bm7-5  Fdim     Am     Am+7
But seeing you is grand-

Bm7-5         Fdim     A          AM7
And you were sweet to offer your hand.

F#m     B7
I understand.

(Key Change to E)

Cdim  E     C#m7
A - dieu! 

Dm7        G7               CM7   Am7
Pardon me asking, "What's new."

    F#7     Cdim         Em6    C#m7-5
Of course, you couldn't know,

F#7        Cdim        E             C#m7
I haven't changed...I still love you so.

Instrumental Coda:

| F#m  B7 |  E  C#m7 | F#m  B7 | E9  |

Though critics have downplayed them, the three albums of classic pop standards that Ronstadt put out from 1983-86 were, in my opinion, some of the finest examples of this kind of music ever recorded. Nelson Riddle's orchestrations were elegant without being over-blown, and Ronstadt's vocals prove she would have been a star in that era as well, by showcasing the songs rather than her delivery. If you haven't heard "What's New," "Lush Life" and "For Sentimental Reasons," I'd recommend you check 'em out.

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