When I Lost You

Words & Music by Irving Berlin, 1912
Recorded by The Mills Brothers,1948

A  A9   A  F#m             G#7
I lost the sun - shine and ro - ses,

E E7sus4 E7            D9  A
I  lost the hea - vens of blue,

F#7         Gdim        F#7  D9    Bm
 I lost the beau - ti - ful rain - bow,

B7         Cdim   B7   E7
I lost the morn - ing dew;

A  A9   A  F#m       G#7
I lost the angel who gave me

 E   E7sus4 E7              D9  A      G#7
Sum - mer  the whole win - ter through,

F#7        Gdim   F#7        B7
I lost the glad - ness that turned into sad - ness

Edim D E7/6  A
When I lost you.

This song has a history every bit as poignant as Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven."

In 1912, Irving Berlin married 20-year-old Dorothy Goetz -- but the union was doomed. Dorothy caught typhoid fever, probably on their honeymoon, and became bedridden. Barely five months after the wedding, she passed away. Berlin poured his grief into a song that many feel was his most personal ever.

Suggested by frequent visitor Joe Burke.

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