When Joanna Loved Me

Words & Music by Robert Wells & Jack Segal
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1964 (#94)


C          Bb9             C      Bm7-5    E7                     
Today is just another day, tomorrow is a guess;

     Am        Am+7        Am7                       Am6
But yesterday,       oh, what I'd give for yesterday,

                Dm       Dm+7  Dm7    Dm6    G
To relive one yesterday       and its happiness...

             Dm7           Dm7-5
When Joanna loved me,

                CM7   CM7/6
Every town was Paris,

                Dm7    Dm7-5
Every day was Sunday,

G7                C    Edim   Dm7   G7
Every month was May;

             Dm7      Dm7-5
When Joanna loved me,

                 CM7   CM7/6
Every sound was music,

                 Dm7     Dm7-5
Music made of laughter,

G7                    C    Fdim    C
Laughter bright and gay.


                 FM7    Bb9
But when Joanna left me,

            C          C/B      Am7
May became December;

      Am7/G      Fm    Fm7    Bm7-5   E7
But, even in December,    I remember

       Em7       A9       Bm7-5          G
Her touch, her smile, and for a little while.

      Dm7     Dm7-5
She loves me,

      G7              CM7    CM7/6
And once again it's Paris,

            Dm7    Dm7-5
Paris on a Sunday,

G7                 C   Fdim   C
And the month is May.

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