When My Sugar Walks Down the Street

Words & Music by Irving Mills, Jimmy McHugh & Gene Austin
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1959

  E      E6   E      F#7
When my sugar walks down the street,

Cdim           B7          E
All the little birdies go "Tweet, tweet, tweet,"

    E6     Edim            B7/9     B7
And in the evenin' when the sun go down,

B7/9       B7        E6      E
It's never dark when he's around.

  E           E6  E    F#7
He's so affectionate, I'll say this --

Cdim           B7      E
And when he kisses me, I stay kissed.

E       Bm7-5       F#m      Edim
When my sugar walks down the street,

           B7          Cdim           E
The little birdies go "Tweet, tweet, tweet."

*Suggested by recent visitor Jayne K.

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