When The Red, Red Robin
Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along

Words & Music by Harry Woods, 1926
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1962

D9       G        G6
When the red, red robin comes

D9       D7        G   Em      Am7   D7
Bob, bob bobbin' along,   a - long,

There'll be no more sobbin' when

D9         D7           G   G/B        G7  G7+5
He starts throbbin' his old,    sweet song.

C       C/B    Am7      Am7/G
Wake up,   wake up, you sleepy head;

G      G/B   Em7      Em6
Get up,   get up, get out of bed.

A9       Em7      A9        A7
Cheer up,   cheer up -- the sun is red.

D7    Fdim  Am7          D9    D7   
Live, love, laugh and be hap - py.

What if I've been blue, 

D9       D7                 G   Em Am7       D7
Now I'm walk - in' through fields         of flow'rs.

Rain may glisten, but 

D9        D7           G   G/B      G7   G7+5
Still I list - en for hours    and hours.

C          Am   
I'm just a kid a - gain, 

Cm              Cm7
Do - in' what I did a - gain,

G      G/F#  Gdim  Edim
Sing - in' a song

D9       G         G6
When the red, red robin comes

D9       D7        G    Am7alt   G
Bob, bob bobbin' along.

Featured in the 1946 film "The Jolson Story," this song was probably first sung by Ruth Etting.

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