When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New

Words & Music by Charles McCarthy, Joe Solieri & Bert Douglas, 1935
Recorded by Jimmy Roselli, 1967

Cdim G7/6  C          Fdim G7/6 C
When your old wedding ring was new, 

Cdim G7/6  C              Cdim       Dm7   
And  each dream that we'd dream came true,  

   F            Bb9
I remember with pride 

G7      C     G        A7
How we stood, side by side -- 

        D9        D7
What a beautiful picture 

     G   D9 Am7  G7
You made as  my bride. 

Cdim G7/6  C           Fdim   G7/6  C
 E - ven though silver crowns your hair,

C  G   C    CM7        C7  Gdim      F
I can still see those gold ringlets there. 

Dm7         F           Bb9
Love's old flame is the same 

Fdim     C     C/B          A7
  As the day I changed your name 

Gdim      Dm7  F       G  Fdim  C    
When your old wedding ring was new.

*Suggested by recent visitor Bill Connell

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