When You Were Sweet Sixteen

Words & Music by James Thornton, 1898
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1940

E7 A       E7    A        A9    A     D    F#7   B7
I love you as I nev - er loved be - fore

        E7     D9     E7     Cdim         A    Edim   E7
Since first I met you on the vill - age green.

E7    A      E7     A        A9  A  D    F#7   B7
Come to me, ere my dream of love is o'er

   D9     Cdim Bm7-5  D9    A
I love you as    I   loved you

 A    D9  E7    A
When you were sweet

  A   E7  D9    E7  Cdim   A
When you were sweet six - teen.

This one was requested so long ago that I can't find the record of who requested it. It's probably among the oldest songs on this site, and is now known largely as a barbership harmony song...but it's a gorgeous, simple ballad.

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