When Your Lover Has Gone

Words & Music by Einer Aaron Swan
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1955

 A7   Dm          Gm      A7      Dm            A7
What good is the schem - ing, the planning the dreaming

      Dm             F           A7
That comes with each new love affair?

A7   Dm           Gm     A7     Dm             F     A7
The love that you cher - ish so of - ten might per - ish

      A            E7-9   Fdim A7
And leave you with castles in  air.

DM7     F#m   Cdim  D6   Dm+7          Dm7     Dm6        
   When you're a - lone,     who cares for starlit skies?

G+7        Fdim  E7   Gm+7         Fdim     E7
When you're a - lone,     the mag - ic moonlight dies.

D  F#m       Bm  Bm7/E   E7/9    E  E6     E7
At break of dawn,       there is no sun - rise

D       F#m  A+   Fdim  D6    B7   GB   A7+5
   When your lover has gone.

DM7   F#m  Cdim D6   Dm+7          Dm7    Dm6        
What lone - ly hours,      the evening shadows bring;

G+7        Fdim  E7  Gm      Cdim    Fdim        E7
What lone - ly hours,    with mem' - ries ling - er - ing,

D    F#m     Bm    Bm7/E  D    F#7      Cdim       B7
Like faded flow'rs,      life can't mean an - y - thing

G/B  Edim A7+5  A7   G    G/B   D
When your lover has gone.

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