When You're Smiling

Words & Music by Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin & Larry Shay, 1928
Recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1929

E7            A      A6              A       AM7
When you're smiling,    when you're smiling,

     F#          F#7        Bm
The whole world smiles with you;

              Bm                   Bm7
When you're laughing, when you're laughing,

    E7         E+       A
The sun comes shining through.

A7    G    A7    A9         D           D6
But when you're crying you bring on the rain,

Fdim  D   Fdim  B7     A    B7     E7
 So  stop your sigh - ing,     be happy again.

Bm7-5    A      D9  A          AM7          F#7
Keep on smil - ing,     'cause when you're smiling

First Time:

     Bm    Dm6   E7          A   Cdim    E7
The whole world smiles with you.

Last Time:

     Bm   Dm6   E7           A   A7   D   D6   A
The whole world smiles with you.

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