Where Are You

Words & Music by Harold Adamson & Jimmy McHugh
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1958

A     AM7 Fdim
Where are you?

D9             Dm6  E7     Ab  AM7
Where have you gone with - out me?

E7             B7  Cdim  Ab  AM7
I thought you cared a - bout me --

 D9   Dm6  A    Edim  E7
Where are you?

 A     AM7 Fdim
Where's my heart?

D9            Dm6  E7  Ab    AM7
Where is the dream we star - ted?

E7            B7   Cdim   Ab   AM7
I can't be - lieve we're part - ed --

Fdim  E7   A
Where are you?


 D9     Cdim      E7
When we said good-bye, Love,

 A   D9  A  E7  A
What had we to gain?

 D9    Cdim     C#7
When I gave you my love,

 D9   Cdim      E7
Was it all in vain?

A   AM7   Fdim
All life through,

D9       Dm6  E7    Ab    AM7
Must I go on pre - tend - ing?

E7            B7   Cdim  Ab   AM7
Where is that hap - py  end - ing?

Fdim  E7  F#7     D  E7/6  A
Where are you?  Where are you?

Suggested by recent visitor Ron Pirtle.

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