Where Can I Go Without You

Words & Music by Peggy Lee & Victor Young
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1954

D          B7            G6           A7
I went to London town to clear up my mind,

DM7        Bm            G           Gdim
Then on to Paris for the fun I could find.

Dalt       D7               G       Cdim(IV)   Gm7
I found I couldn't leave my mem'ries   be  -  hind --

Dalt       Bm7          Em7  A7
Where can I go without you? 

D             B7            G6            A7
Tried seeing Singapore, but that wouldn't do;

DM7       Bm            G             Gdim
Went to Vienna, but I found you there, too.

Dalt       D7              G    Cdim(IV) Gm7
Even in Switzerland, your mem'ry  came through --

 Dalt      A7/6 A7   A7/6  D
Where can I go with - out you? 


  D7     Am7 D7        G    G+7 G6    G5
I wanted to travel, I want - ed ro - mance,

D7            Am7        D9 D7/9  G   C#m7-5
I chased that rainbow across the sea.

F#7          D7           G   Cdim   G
I'm tired of faces, and quaint old places

    A            Em7  Cdim A7
If you can't be there with me.

D            B7              G6           A7
Back on the boat again, and farewell to France,

DM7         Bm                   G         Gdim
Farewell to London town -- they haven't a chance.

Dalt            D7                  G       Cdim(IV) Gm7
I'll trade the sights I've seen for just one loving glance --

Dalt       A7/6 A7   A7/6  D
Where can I go with - out you?

*Suggested by recent visitor George Staly

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