Where Love Has Gone

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & James Van Heusen
Recorded by Bobby Darin, 1964

 E     A9  A AM7  A      A9     A     AM7     Cdim   
There must be a place, a place where love has gone,

Cdim  Fdim           D9    D6     D9         Fdim    E7-9
 A   bright, shiny world, some - where where love has gone,

Fdim   Bm7-5         A       A7      D9          D6
Where dreams and desires as cold as yesterday's fires

         Dm6    F#7
Start to blaze anew. 

      Fdim       Am   A           E
There must be a star gleaming in space

     Fdim         Am        A9   Am Cdim   E
That doesn't grow dim with each last em - brace.

 E    D9  B7     A            AM7 
They say love's gone when it goes,

    A7   E7-9      F#7
And I'm na´ve I suppose.

 F#7 Bm7-5 F#7 D          D9         Fdim     Bm         Dm
There may  not be such a place, there may not be such a star,

     Dm6      A                    F#m  A  B7  Cdim
But still my fool of a heart just leads me on;

    A9          A       F#m       D
It wants to be there, there with you

  E   E7-9 E7   A
Where love has gone,

A   A9    A         F    Cdim   Fdim Cdim Fdim A
To that bright and shiny world where love has gone,

A   A9    A        D9  Gdim  E   Bm7-5 E7-9 E7   A
To that gone for - ev - er world where love has gone.

*Suggested by recent visitor Tom Brunp


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