Where Was I?

Words & Music by Al Dubin & W. Frank Harling
Recorded by Charlie Barnett, 1940 (#1)
From the movie "Til We Meet Again"

    E7   Cm7-5  Bm7
Oh where  was    I 

Cm7-5  E7       Cm7-5      Bm7         Bm7-5    E7
The   night that you sur - ren - dered   to  a sigh?

Fdim      A6  E7/9  Cdim  A6
Where was I?

    E7   Cm7-5  Bm7
The moon  was   high 

Cm7-5  E7      Cm7-5      Bm7        Bm7-5    E7
The  night that you first lis - tened to    a lie?

Fdim      A6
Where was I?


  Cdim(VI) Gdim(V) A7(V)     Cdim(VI) Gdim(V) A7(V)
I  al   -   ways   felt  that  you     would  melt 

Fdim(III) Gdim         A7    Gdim   D    Bm7
  In      some - one's arms  some night,

    Bm7-5      Dm
And   I   was right.

    E7  Cm7-5  Bm7
The mo - ment came -- 

    Cm7-5   E7       Cm7-5    Bm7  Bm7-5  A  D9
But what a shame that someone else came  by.  

Bm7-5     A
Where was I?

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