Whistling Away the Dark

Words & Music by Johnny Mercer & Henry Mancini
Recorded by Henry Mancini, 1969
From the movie "Darling Lili"

Em       B+        Em7      Em6
Often I think this sad, old world

    Em            Am/F#   B7
Is whis - tl - ing in the dark;

B7           B7/6       Cdim      B7
Just like a child, who, late from school,

     Cdim(III) B7              Em
Walks bravely home through the park.

   Am         Am7  (Am6)  Em
To keep their spir - its soaring,

Am/F#        B7       Em
And keep the night at bay,

 Am          Am7            Am7/G        Am/F#
Neither quite knowing which way they are going,

     B7       Am7      B7
They sing the shadows away.

Em       B+      Em7       Em6
Often I think my poor, old heart

    Em      Am/F#    B7
Has gi - ven up for good;

B7        B7/6   Cdim      B7
And then I see a brave new face,

  Cdim(III) B7                   Em
I glimpse some new neigh - bor - hood.

   Am           Am7  (Am6) Em
So walk me back home,  my  dar - ling,

Am/F#          B7          Em
Tell me dreams really come true,

Am         Am/F#  Em       B+   B7         Am7       Em     B+
Whistling,      whistling,    here in the dark with you,

Am        Am/F#   Em       B+  B7         Cdim      Em          
Whistling,      whistling,    here in the dark with you.

There are a few songs that truly deserve the term "haunting melody." This, to me, is one of them. I first heard it years ago on a Mancini album, with full orchestra and chorus -- and I've never been able to get it out of my mind since. But for those many years, I always thought the title was "Whistling in the dark." It isn't. The title above is the correct one.

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