Who Can I Turn To

Words & Music by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1964 (#33)
From "The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd"

CM7        C6           Dm7     G7       Dm7   G7
Who can I turn to when nobody needs me?

   C              C6        CM7       C
My heart wants to know, and so I must go

      Gm       Gm7     C9
Where destiny leads me.

     F          F6
With no star to guide me     

   FM7       Em7     CM7  Am
And no one beside me,

     Am7       FM7     Dm6       Em7
I'll go on my way, and after the day

A7  Dm    Dm7      G7
The dark-ness will hide me.

CM7          C6           Dm7           G7
Any maybe tomorrow, I'll find what I'm after;

      C            C6     CM7            C
I'll throw off my sorrow, beg, steal or borrow

Gm   Gm7      C9
My share of laughter.

      F           F+       Dm6       Am      Am+7 Am7 
With you I could learn to,     with you on a new  day;

F       C6     Dm7      Fdim G7    C6      Dm7      Fdim     G7
But who can I turn to if you turn away.

(Second time)

F    C6       Dm7        Fdim G7    C6   Dm7  Fdim    CM7    CM7/6
But who can I turn to if you turn away?

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