Who Wouldn't Love You

Words & Music by Carl Fischer & Bill Carey
Recorded by Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, 1960

Intro:   |  G -  Em | Am7 - D7 | G -  Em | Am7 - Cdim   -    D7  |

 C            Am7       C           Cdim
Who wouldn't love you, who wouldn't care?

  G          Em7      Cdim          G
You're so enchanting, people must stare.

  C         C/B        Am7     Am7/G   Cdim    D7
You're the dream that dreamers want to dream about,

 G9                   Edim              Am7              Cdim
You're the breath of spring that lovers gadabout, they're mad about.

C            Am7       C           Cdim
Who wouldn't love you, who wouldn't buy

     G          Em7        Cdim                   G
The west side of heaven, if you just winked your eye?

 C         C/B    Am7  Am7/G      B7      C     B7
You're the answer to my ev' - ry prayer, Dar - lin', 

CM7          Am7      Gdim Cdim    Am7  G
Who wouldn't love you, who would - n't care? 

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