Why Did I Choose You

Words & Music by Michael Leonard & Herbert Martin
Recorded by Barbra Streisand, 1965

D   D9 F#m Bm    G6    Bm   F#m  Cdim B7  Em  B+ Em7 A7  D
Why did I choose you?  What did I see in you?

  F#m     Cdim     Bm7-5    Em7    F#7
I saw the heart you hide so well;

 Gdim    Bm   Bm7  E9     E7    A9     A  AM7
I saw a quiet man     who had a gen - tle way,

   D9  A    E7    A  E7  D9 Bm7-5   E7   A   Cdim  A7
A way that caught me in its glow - ing spell.

D   D9 F#m Bm   G6 Edim Bm  F#m Gdim  F#m Cdim  B7  F#7  D
Why did I want you?        What could you  of - fer me?

  F#m     Cdim   Bm7-5      Em7    F#7
A love to last a life time through.

    Edim   F#7      Bm   E7 E7/6  D9 Cm7-5    AM7
And when I lost my heart so  ma - ny years a - go,

A AM7  A  Dalt      Fdim(III)   G          Bm7    F#7 B7
I lost it lov - ing - ly   and will - ing - ly to you;

    C#m7-5   Gdim    B7  E7/6  E7    D9    E7-9   A
If I had to choose again, I   would still choose you.

*Requested by recent visitor Sandra W.

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