Why Don't We Do This More Often

Words & Music by Allie Wrubel & Charles Newman
Recorded by Kay Kyser, 1941

G            E7           A7
Why don't we do this more often, 

D7   Am7        D9    Am7   G    Edim  D7
Just what we're doing to - night?

G9            Em            Am7     D9
Gee but it's great to get together again-

Em7         Am7        Edim      D7
Why does it only happen now and then?

G           E7           A7
We ought to do this more often-

 C          E7            A
Don't you agree that I'm right?

A7        CM7             Cdim
Honey, we make each other laugh, 

            Am7       Cdim   G   G/F#  
And then we make each other sing, 

    Em7           A7       Am7            D7
And you can never ever over do the good things.
    Cdim   G            E7           A7
So, Honey, why don't we do this more often, 

C     Am7       D9    Am7   G
Just what we're doing to - night

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