Why Should I Care

Words & Music by Clint Eastwood, Linda Thompson & Carol Bayer Sager
Recorded by Diana Krall, 1999

Am7  G     Am       Am+7              Am7     D7
Was there something more I could have done?

D  D7/9 G     G/F#            Em    E7
Or was  I not meant to be the one?

D9      G    Am     Am+7            Am7    D7
Where's the life I thought we would share?

     D9   D7/9  G  G/F#  E7
And should  I  care?

Am7  G   Am      Am+7             Am7    D7
And will someone else get more of you?

 D  D7/9 G     G/F#                Em    E7
Will she go to sleep more sure of you?

              Am7 Am+7                D9      D7
Will she wake up knowing you're still there?

D7/9 A7/9  D7/9 G
Why should  I  care?


       Em7   Am7   G    Bm7-5     Em7   Am   Am+7
There's al - ways one to turn and walk away

    Am7     D7/9  D9  D7/9  G
And one who just wants to stay

    G   G/F#      E7     Bm7-5      Am7
But who said that love is al = ways fair?

   D7/9  A7/9  D7/9  G      Am7 -  G  -   D9   -   G
And why should   I  care?

Instrumental Interlude: 2nd Verse

Coda (Bridge Chords):

 D9   Am7 G         Em7      Bm7-5     Am    Am+7
Should I leave you alone here in  the dark

Am7    D7/9 D9   D7/9  G   G/F#
Holding my  bro - ken heart,

        Em7           Bm7-5        Am7
While a promise still hangs in the air?

   D7/9  A7/9 D7/9  G
And why should  I  care?

Though much too recent to qualify for inclusion under normal guidelines (even as arbitrary as those are), I'm bending to indications of visitor interest by adding this chart. Recent search results have indicated people are looking for this...so now, perhaps they can find it. This one has some HUGE names associated with its authorship. I was aware that Eastwood was an accomplished pianist, so I'm assuming his primary contribution was the music, rather than the words -- but I haven't found specific confirmation of that.

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