Will You Still Be Mine

Words & Music by Tom Adair & Matt Dennis
Recorded by Connie Haines, 1941

Intro Verse:

Dalt D        Fdim       A7      D6
Ever since my heart took such a tumble,

     GM7      G6      Bb9      A7        D9
I've wondered if your love for me would last;

      Bm       F#7      E7-9       Fdim        Am
When landmarks fall, and in - sti - tu - tions crumble,

A     A7/9   Bb9   Fdim     A
Will it be just a mem'ry of the past?


D    F#m       B7     Cdim          Em7   A7
When lov - ers make no ren - dez - vous

D     F#m      B7       Cdim      Em7   A7
To stroll a - long Fifth Av - e - nue,

 Bm  F#7       Cdim       B7       F#m7    Bb9
When this fam - il - iar world is through,

Em7  G/B Edim  A7  D
Will you still be mine?

D    F#m          B7     Cdim       Em7   A7
When cabs don't drive a - round the park,

F# C#m7-5      F#7       Edim       Bm
No  win - dows light the sum - ear dark,

 Bm  F#7      Cdim     F#7        B7  Fdim
When love has lost its se - cret spark

G/B      Edim  A7  D    DM7  D7
Will you still be mine?


D7    Am7    D9  GM7 D7/9  GM7         G6      Edim
When moon - light on  the  Hud - son's not ro - man - cy,

 D   F#m       Bm       Bm7/E   Bb9   Fdim  A7/9  A7
And spring no long - er turns a young man's fan - cy,

 D    F#m          B7          Cdim          Em7     A7
When glam - our girls have lost their charms,

D     F#m         B7         Cdim        Em7   A7
When si - rens just mean false a - larms,

Bm    F#7        Cdim     F#m7      B7   Fdim
When lov - ers heed no call to arms,

G/B        Edim  A7  D
Will you still be mine? 

Suggested by recent visitor Paul Jensen. I wound up liking this one so much I did an extended chart (instrumental only) that will probably go on my album, if I ever get off my "bum" to get the doggone thing finished.

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