Winter Weather

Words & Music by Ted Shapiro
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1941

  Cdim     E7/6       A6     A   
I love the win - ter weath - er,

     Edim      E7/9   E7    Cdim E7   A6     A
Be - cause the two of us can get to - geth - er;

   C#m7-5     F#7         B
There's noth - ing sweet - er, fi - ner,

          F#7     C#m7-5 Bm7-5    E7
When it's nice and cold,   I can hold

Cdim    E7/6      A6 A   
Ba - by clo - ser to me

Edim      E7/9      E7  Cdim  E7      A6   A
And col - lect the kis - ses that are due me;

 C#m7-5    F#7        B7
I love the win - ter weath - er

                D      Cdim    E7/6     A
Be - cause I've got my love to keep me warm.

Also recorded by Tony Bennett as a medley with "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" on "Snowfall: the Christmas Album."

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