Wishing (Will Make It So)

Words & Music by Buddy DeSylva
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1939 (#1)

 A     A9  A      Cdim A  B7
Wish - ing   will make it so;

 B7  Cdim B7  E6     E       E6  Bm7-5 A
Just keep on wish - ing and cares will go.

 F#       F#7
Dreamers tell us dreams come true --

Bm   F#m7   Bm
It's no mistake

    B7/9   B7       B7/9      B7
And wishes are the dreams we dream

E7   Bm7-5 Edim  A7
When we're  a - wake.

     A     A9  A   Cdim  A   B7
The cur - tain of night will part

B7 Cdim B7  E6     E          E6 Bm7-5   A   C#m7-5  F#7
If  you are cer - tain with - in  your heart

   A7      D    D+5          Dm+7  Dm6     
So if you wish long enough, wish strong enough

 A        C#7     F#7
You will come to know

 B7   B7/F# E7  D9   A   E7  A  
Wish - ing     will make it so.

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