With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming

Words & Music by Mack Gordon & Harry Revel, 1934
Recorded by Patti Page, 1950 (#11)

Intro:   ||:  Calt  |  C   |   Bb9  |  Bb9   :||

Fdim    Calt  C             Fm7    Bb9
With my eyes wide open I'm dream - ing

CM7/6 CM7 C  CM7 CM7/6 CM7     B7  Cdim        Dm  A7   Dm
Can   it  be true I'm  holding you close to my heart?

Dm+7    Dm7            Cdim  A7
With my eyes wide open I'm dreaming

Am7            D7   Am7      D7  Dm7       G7
You're with me now sharing a vow never to part


    G     G7       G6      G
I'm so afraid to close my eyes

  Dm7           Dm7-5   G7
Afraid that I'll find

      Dm     Dm+7     Dm7     Dm6      Bb9     G7
This lovely thrill is just a silly il - lu - sion

Fdim    Calt  C             A9     A7
With my eyes wide open I'm dream - ing

F       Fm           Bb9
Do I deserve such a break?

C           C/B         A7
Pinch me to prove I'm awake

F         Fm7                G7     Fm   Bb9   C
I can't believe that you're really mine.

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