Wonderland By Night

Words & Music by Klaus-Gunter Neumann & Lincoln Chase
Recorded by Bert Kaempfert*, 1961 (#1 for 3 weeks

  A   Edim C#m7-5  D9     E7
Stars hung   sus - pen - ded 

D9   E   Bm7-5  E7/6   E7  D9   Fdim  A      D9   E7
A - bove   a   float - ing yel - low moon

 A   Edim C#m7-5  D9     E7
Two hearts  were blen - ded 

 D9   E7    D9  E7/6 D9 E7sus4 Bm7-5  A
While an - gels sang a    lov - er's tune.


A   D9 Bm7-5  Dalt
And so  we   kissed, 

    D6        Gdim    Dalt        Cdim(IV)     A6    A
Not know - ing if our hearts would   pay  the price

A7  D6       Gdim       Dalt   Cdim(IV)      A6   A   F#7
But hea - ven wel - comed us to   par - a - dise

 D9    Fdim Bm7-5  E7
Bless - ing  our  love.

 A   Edim C#m7-5  D9    E7
Then came   the  sun - rise, 

D9    E  Bm7-5 E7/6  E7  D9   Fdim  A      D9   E7
Fa - ding the  moon and stars from sight

A   Edim  C#m7-5 Dalt  Dm6     
Re - call - ing   al - ways 

 A Bm7-5  A7     D9  E7  D9  Bm7-5  A
Our won - der - land by night.

*I had never heard this song as a vocal -- infact, never knew that it even had lyrics -- until lyrics buddy Ron Hontz located a version recorded by Englebert Humperdink and transcribed for me the words you see above. He raised what I believe to be a question in his note to me -- should Humperdink have sung it "stars hung suspended"?

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