Words Of Love

Words & Music by John Phillips
Recorded by "Mama Cass" Elliott, 1966 (#5)

Intro:     F   C  Dm   G  E

A                  G
Words of love, so soft and tender

       C             B       E  
Won't win a girl's heart anymore

A                      G
If you love her then you must send her

   C                          B
Somewhere where she's never been before

  Am                   G
Worn out phrases and longing gazes

       C                B       Bb    [N.C.]
Won't get you where you want to go  [1: no!]

Chorus 1:

 A              G
Words of love, soft and tender

       F        E
Won't win her.


F#m                Bm
You oughta know by now

G                             E
You oughta know, you oughta know by now

Chorus 2:

 A               G
Words of love, soft and tender

       F       E [N.C.]     A
Won't win her          anymore.

(Instrumental interlude - 1 verse)

(Repeat bridge)

(Repeat verse)

(Repeat chorus 1)


     F   E      A
Anymore,    anymore.

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