Wynken and Blynken and Nod

Words & Music by Eugene Field
Recorded by The Simon Sisters, 1974
(The Simon Sisters included Carly Simon)

Em                     A                     Em              A
Wynken and Blynken and Nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoe.

D                     Bm           Em             A
Sailed in a river of crystal light Into a sea of dew.

Em                            A       
"Now where are you going and what do you wish?"

     Em                  A
the old moon asked the three.

        D                     Bm               Em                   A
"We're going out fishing for herring fish that live in the beautiful sea."

            G        A
 "Nets of silver of gold have we,"

      Em                      A
 Said Wynken and Blynken and Nod. 

The old moon laughed and sang a song
as they rocked in their wooden shoe.
And the wind that sped them all night long ruffled the waves of dew.
Well the little stars were the herring fish that lived in the beautiful sea.
"Now cast your nets wherever you wish, never afeared are we," 
Sang the stars to the fishermen three,
Wynken and Blynken and Nod.

All night long their nets they threw, to the stars and the twinkling foam.
Then down from the skies came the wooden shoe,
bringing the fishermen home.
'Twas all so pretty a sight it seemed as if it could not be.
And some folks thought it was a dream they'd dreamed
of sailing that beautiful sea.
But I shall name you the fishermen three:
Wynken, and Blynken and Nod.

Now Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes, and Nod is a little head.
And the wooden shoe that sailed the sky is the young one's trundle bed.
So close your eyes while Grandpa sings of the beautiful sights that be.
And you will see the wonderful things as you rock on the misty sea 
Where the old moon rocked the fishermen three,
Wynken and Blynken and Nod.

If you're familiar with this song, and you're reading closely, you'll notice the word change in the third line of the last verse. Call it poetic license on the part of a Grandpa who likes singing to the Grandkids.

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