Yesterday I Heard the Rain

Words & Music by Gene Lees & Armando Manzanero
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1968

 A7         G      D     A7   D    G            D  A7    D
Yes - ter - day I heard the rain, whis - per - ing your name,

Em7/9  Em7       G/B    A7   Em7   A7
 Ask - ing where you'd gone;

         G        Cdim      Em7   G      B7          A7
It fell soft - ly from the clouds on the si - lent crowds,

G  D        A7    D   DM7   D7
As I wan - dered on.

Cdim    G          G/F#         B7         Cdim   Em     B+  Em7   Em6  
Out of door - ways,    black umbrellas came to pursue me,

         C#7   Cdim(IV)      C#7
Faceless people   as   they passed 

     Cdim      F#m      F#m+7 Edim    Em7      A7
Were looking through me   --   no one knew me.

A7           G     D   A7  D     G      D  A7    D
Yes - ter - day I shut my eyes, face-up to the skies,

Em7/9   Em7 G/B  A7   Em7   A7
Drinkin' in the rain;

         G        Cdim       Em7     G          B7     A7
But your im - age still was there, float - ing in the air,

 Gdim       G/B  A7+5  DM7
Bright - er than  a   flame.

D7           G  G/F#   C#m7-5  F#       F#7        
Yes - ter - day      I   saw a cit - y, 

Edim    Bm          Bm/E           E7/9  E7       
Full of sha - dows,      with - out pit - y,

Edim    D9   D         DM7 D+5   G6    G5    G/B  A7  A7+5
And I heard the stead - y  rain whis - per - ing your name,

D9     D         DM7   D
Whis - per - ing your name.

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