You And I

Words & Music by Meredith Willson
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1941 (#1)

A7        D   A7 D Edim     Em7   G/B A7
Darling, you and I know the rea - son why 

  Am7     D9 D7  B7
A summer sky is blue,

        D   F#7 G       G/F#  Em 
And we know why birds in the trees 

G    G/F#      Em7  A7sus4   A7
Sing mel - o - dies, too,

A7        D   A7   D   Edim     Em7   G/B    A7
And why love will grow from the first "hel - lo" 

  Am7      D9    D7     B7
Until the last "good - bye."

        D   F#7   B7     Cdim    G    G/F# Em7
So to sweet ro - mance, there is just one  answer -- 

First Time:

G/B A7+5  D    Cdim  Em7  A7+5
You and   I.

Last Time:

G/B A7+5  D    Gm7  D A7+5 D6
You and   I.

If you're thinking you recognize the name of the author, you're probably right: it's the same Meredith Willson who wrote "The Music Man."

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