You Are Never Far Away from Me

Words & Music by Allan Roberts & Robert Allen
Recorded by Perry Como, 1958

E7sus4     A9    A  C#m7-5    F#m Edim D9  E7
 You   are nev - er   far a - way from me, 

E7sus4    A9  A C#m7-5     F#m Edim  D9   C#7
 When we part I  hold your mem - o - ry! 

    C#m7-5 Bm7   Bm7/E  E      Fdim    E7
You linger in my dreams   when day has flown,

E7   D9     E7  Fdim(III)   B7        Cdim Bm7-5  E7
And through the   lone - ly night, I'm not   a - lone! 

   E7sus4   A9     A    C#m7-5   F#m Edim D9  E7
When two  sweet - hearts care, as you and I, 

E7sus4      A9    A  C#m7-5     F#m  Edim D9   C#7
There's no sad - ness  in  the word "good-bye." 

    C#m7-5        D9    Bm7-5  Fdim      E7
Be - cause you're always in my heart my love, 

     C#m7-5   Fdim(III)    F#7
Wher - ev - er   I     may be, 

Fdim    D9   E7/6 E7  Bm7-5 E7/6 D
You are never far  a - way  from me! 

*This song was Como's closing theme on his 1950s TV show. The full version was recorded in 1952, but was never released. The theme version was recorded in 1958.

Requested by recent visitor Don Bang.

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