You Broke The Only Heart That Ever Loved You

Words & Music by Freddy James & Little Jack Little
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1946

     Cdim      E            C#m7-5  F#7   B7
Your rep - u - tation has preceeded you;

     Cdim    E              C#m7-5 F#7   B7
You always hurt someone who needed you.

    E           Edim      F#m          Fm7
It doesn't take long for news to get around,

     A      Cdim         B7
And now you want to be found,

Cdim  Edim  E        G#m7  C#7            F#7
'Cause you broke the only heart that ever loved you,

         B7    Cdim     B7   Cdim      E6
And you tossed away the only love you knew.

   E9         F#m           G#m          F#m
As if nothin' mattered, you battered and shattered

  A     F#m     B7
A heart     so true,

C#m     C#m7        C#7           F#7
Only to wake up and find that the break-up

    A            Cdim     B7
Was breakin' the heart of you.

     E      Edim   G#m7    C#7       F#7
And now you come to me for con - so - la - tion --

     B7              Cdim     B7     C#7
And I'd be a fool to fall for such a line.

         A         Edim  F#m      Cdim    E  G#m7  C#7
Yes, you broke the only heart that ever loved      you,

     A         F#m
And now that I met you, 

   Cdim       B7             E
I'm not gonna let you break mine.

This one qualifies as another "happy accident." Every now and then, I search for .MP3 files by artist name, just to see what's out there. I recently found a Mills Brothers medley which included this song -- a song which I don't believe I had ever heard before. So, I started looking for it, in particular, along with the authorship and recording date. I found both, through the assistance of the great folks at the Mills Brothers website, but it took quite a little digging on their part -- and I'm very grateful for their efforts.

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