You Brought A New Kind of Love to Me

Words & Music by Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal & Pierre Norman
Recorded by Doris Day, 1952

G     Cdim Em     Cdim     Bm7    Bbm7
Sweet one, fairer than the flow - ers,

Am7          D7       Am7alt  Cdim G
Never will I meet one sweeter than you;

G         Cdim           Em6              A9     A7/9
Would you turn away, or could you really learn to care

C    C/B  Am7    Am7/G    Cdim  D7
If I ever dare to say, "I love you"?

       Am7alt       Am7         Cdim      D7
If the night - in - gales could sing like you,

        G        Cdim      Bm7-5      E7
They'd sing much sweet - er than they do,

    A7              Gdim         Am7 Cdim G Edim Am7  D7 
For you've brought a new kind of love to me.

      Am7alt       Am7        Cdim      D7
If the sand - man brought me dreams of you,

    G        Cdim    Bm7-5         E7
I'd want to sleep my whole life through,

    A7              Gdim         Am7 Cdim G  Cm  G
For you've brought a new kind of love to me.


  F#7        Em         B+    Em7     Em6
I know that you're the slave, I'm the queen,

     C7            B7     Em
But still, you can understand;

    Edim   D       F#m  Bm7   Bm7/E     A7      Am7    D7
That underneath it all, I'm a maid, and you are only a man.

       Am7alt      Am7      Cdim       D7
I would work and slave the whole day through,

   G  D7   Am7   D9  E7 Bm7-5  E7
If I could hur - ry home  to  you,

    A7           Gdim         Am7 Cdim G  Am7alt  Cm  G
For you brought a new kind of love to me.

*I listened to several different versions of this one, and this arrangement synthesizes them. I used the third verse from Frank Sinatra's V-disk release, but otherwise, most of the song follows Day's version. One catch, however, is that the specific year of the recording is something of a guess, representing the conclusions of a discussion on one of the newsgroups I frequent. I normally prefer to rely on printed sources for the facual information, and couldn't do that here.

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