You Call Everybody Darling

Words & Music by Sam Martin, Ben Trace & Clem Watts
Recorded by The Andrews Sisters, 1948 (#1)

A        D9    E7   A        D9
You call everybody Darlin', 

E7  A   Cdim   A       Edim      E7
And everybody calls you Darlin' too;

E7        Fdim Bm7-5         E7  
You don't mean  what you're sayin', 

     A       D9  E7      A
It's just a game you're playin',

     B7         F#m     B7        F#m
But you'll find someone else can play 

    E7      Fdim     E7
The game as well as you.

   A        D9    E7   A        D9
If you call everybody Darlin', 

E7     A       A7      Gdim     A7       D
Then love won't come a-knockin' at your door;

   Dm+7             Dm6
And as the years go by, 

       A      C#7-5  F#7
You'll sit and wonder why

  B7            Bm7-5    E7  A
Nobody calls you Darlin' anymore.

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