You Can't Be True, Dear

Words & Music by Hal Cotton, Hans Otten & Ken Griffin
Recorded by Patti Page, 1995*

E   Cdim  E   A    D9     A
You can't be true, dear;

        Cdim    A  E7/6     E7
There's noth - ing more to say,

  Cdim   E7  E7/6  E7
I trus - ted you, dear,

Cdim E7   A     D9  Bm7-5 A
Ho - ping we'd find  a   way.

 E   Cdim    E  A   D9   A7
Your kiss - es tell me

    Cdim     D      Bm7     Bm7-5
That you and I are through,

    Cdim       A     A9  A
But I'll keep lov - ing you,

A7    E7        E6    E7  D9   Bm7-5  A
Al - though you can't be true.

For me, this song is a very pleasant -- and equally recent -- discovery. It was introduced by Ken Griffin in 1948, with a second verse in the original German with words by Gerhard Ebeler, and it reached #1. Though seldom recorded since, it has been treated both as a Polka and as the original Waltz.

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