You'd Better Love Me (While You May)

Words & Music by Timothy Gray & Hugh Martin
Recorded by Mel Torme, 1964

 AM7   F#m   Cdim(III)   C#m7-5     AM7
You'd better   love   me  while you may

AM7  F#m     Cdim(III    C#m7-5    F#7  
To - mor - row  I     may  fly a - way

D9 Cdim     Bm7-5      E7-9   AM7  D9         AM7        F#m
I  want your gen - tle touch, your con - ti - nen - tal touch,

D9  Cdim     Bm7-5      E7-9
Your el - e - men - tal touch

    AM7    C#m7-5         D9           E7
You want me too -- oh, I know that you do.

AM7   F#m   Cdim(III)  C#m7-5    AM7	AM7 - D9 - Cm7-5 - AM7
You'd better  love  me while I'm here

AM7  F#m       Cm7     C#m7-5       D     C#m7-5  Bm 
I   have been known to  dis - ap - pear

     D    F#m      Bm       Bm7/E  AM7 C#m7-5  F#7 
So, don't let this mir - a - cle  melt   a  -  way

AM7   F#m      C#m7-5    AM7     F#m   C#m7-5       D        B7    
The clock ticks fast a - bove me,   if   you think fond - ly of me

AM7  Bm7-5       D9     E7-9      AM7   D9       AM7
You'd bet - ter love me while you may, while you may.


A    AM7       D9  Bm7-5 E       Fdim        A   D9   A
You called me back         with a si - lent plea,

       AM7   D9      Bm7-5  E7     E7-9   A
From another time, another place, another me;

A    AM7      D9  Bm7-5 E       Fdim     Am	E7   Am
You called me back,       and I found my way

      E7     A         F#m     D9    Bm7-5  E
To a half-remembered, half-forgotten yesterday.

      Fdim       F#7       Cdim
But I might not stay, so remember, baby,

Repeat last verse

*Requested by recent visitor David Banks. Purists will no doubt notice that Torme takes a half-step rise on the last line of the bridge, to F7 rather than to F#7 as I show it here, and that the final verse follows suit, raising a half-step throughout. I'm sticking to my policy: if I can't play it, I don't show it. The half-step raise on the final verse confounds me to the point I don't even bother trying to make the jump, I merely found a way to return to the original verse's key. If you're smart enough to notice, you're probably also smart enough to fix it, so help yourself.


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