You'll Never Miss the Water til the Well Runs Dry

Words & Music by Kent & Secon
Recorded by This Mills Brothers, 1969

A7+5   D     D9  D   D6  Bm7  Bm7sus4  Bm7     E7/9      E7
You'll nev - er miss the wat  -  er   till the well runs dry --

    A               G   Edim D   Fdim   A7
Remember that each time you lie.

   D9               Bm            G/B  Em7 G/B A7
Suppose you find my love the only love that is real.

   E7/9           Cdim               E7/9          A7
Suppose you get a broken heart, then how would you feel?

A7+5   D     D9  D   D6  Bm7              E7/9      E7
You'll nev - er miss my kiss - es till we kiss good-bye,

    G                A7     F#7
And I would hate to see you cry.

      G                Edim           Dalt Fdim(III) Gdim  B7
So be careful or you'll end up with a tear     in    your eye;

       G     G/F#     Em7   G       A7sus4 A7+5  D
You'll never miss the water till the well  runs dry.

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