You, My Love

Words & Music by Mack Gordon & Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1954
From the movie "Young at Heart"

G          Em7  Am7     Cdim
My love is ever you, my love, 

G   G/F#      Em7  Em6 Am7       D7
Now and for - ev - er, you my love.

Dm6          E7 Bm7-5  A9     Am7
You walked into  my   lonely world, 

Dm6             E7 Bm7-5  A9     Am7
What peace of mind your  smile unfurled.

 F           Dm7    Bb      Edim
Yes, and because of you, my love, 

F           Dm7        Bb       C7  
My wishful dream came true, my love.

Cm        Cm7-5        D7    Em   B7   Em7     A7
In my un - cer - tain heart, I am only certain of 

 G  G/F# Em7 Em6   C  C/B Am7  Cdim  G
How much  I  love you,          my love.

*Requested by recent visitor Mike Cannon

**By now you know that I'm doing interpretations of recordings -- not verbatim transcriptions. But there's at least one chord on this chart that is NOT AT ALL true to the original sound of the recording (and I had to lower things a half-step to get the chords to match the song.) The A7 chord I show over the word "of" in the next to last line actually sounds closer to an Fm7 (or perhaps a Bbm9) than to an A7 chord, but the high F note sounds sort of non-melodic to my ear, so I opted for the A7 chord with the natural high E instead. If I were to do a repeat on this one (which is desirable, considering how brief the song actually is) I'd start with the beginning of the second verse, hit the Bbm9 on "of" then modulate back to the A7 before finishing on the G chord.

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