Young and Foolish

Words & Music by Albert Hague & Arnold B. Horwitt, 1954
Recorded by The Lettermen, 1962

D   F#m    Em7     A7   D  F#m    Bm     Cdim
Young  and foolish,     why is it wrong to be

  G    G/G#    B7       Em     B+        Em7    Edim  
Young      and foolish?    We have - n't long to be.

 DM7      D        C#7                   Bm        F#7     Bm7
Soon e - nough the care - free days, the sun - lit days go by,

E       Bm7-5      E7         Cdim    A7
Soon e - nough the blue - bird has to fly.

A   Cdim     A7    G/B   A7
And when he does, we'll see

D  F#m      Em7     A7  D     F#m    Bm      Cdim
We    were foolish,       one day we fell in love;

 G  G/G#   Em7        A7 G    G/G#     Em7       Edim  
Now     we won - der,    what were we dream - in' of?

DM7    D          DM7    D+5        G5     G6 Edim G/B E7/9
Smi - ling in the sun - light, and laugh - ing in  the rain --

Bm7-5  DM7      Bm       G        Edim         D           
 I    wish that we were young and foolish a - gain.

*Requested by recent visitor Tim Malone

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