You're Breaking My Heart

Words & Music by Pat Genaro & Sunny Skylar
Recorded by Vic Damone, 1949 (#1)

E7      A              F#m                 D9          Bm7
You're break - ing my heart 'cause you're leav - ing;

      Bm7-5          E7         Fdim A
You've fal - len for some - bod - y new.

   F#        F#7          Bm7         Bm7/E
It isn't too ea - sy be - liev - ing

       E            Bm7-5              A      Edim  E7
You'd leave af - ter all we've been through.

E7     A            F#m           D9          Bm7
It's break - ing my heart to re - mem - ber

    Bm7-5          E7       Fdim  A
The dreams we de - pen - ded up - on;

        F#          F#7           Bm   Bm/E
You're leav - ing a slow dy - ing em - ber

     Cdim          B7               Bm7-5  E7
I'll miss you, my love, when you're gone.

 Bm7-5      A6         Cdim         F#m
I wish you joy, though tear - drops burn;

   Cdim     B7            Bm7-5          E7
But if some day you should want to re - turn,

 Fdim           F#m            Bm7        AM7    F#7
Please hur - ry back and we'll make a new start, Dear --

     D9           E7     Bm7-5 Fdim   A
Till then, you're break - ing   my  heart.

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