You're Looking At Me

Words & Music by Bobby Troup
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1957

AM7         DM7   E7      C#7          Fdim(III)
Who had the girls turning hand-springs,

D9       Bm7               F#7
Crazy to love him, claimed he?

D9          Bm7-5      E
Who could so misunderstand things?

E7-9   Bm7-5   E7 AM7  F#7  Bm7  Dm6  E6
You're lookin' at me.

AM7        DM7  E7      C#7      Fdim(III)
Who was so sure of his conquest,

D9        Bm7         F#7
Sure as a human could be?

D9           Bm7-5       E
Who wound up losing the contest?

E7-9   Bm7-5   E7 AM7  D     D9      F7 E7
You're lookin' at me, you're looking at me.

AM7           D9 Fdim     AM7          F#m            D6 
Where is that boy who was certain his charms couldn't fail?

AM7           F#m       C#m7-5       F#7          Fdim        E7
Where is that boy who believed every word of this ridiculous tale?

AM7        DM7     E7  C#7      Fdim(III)
Who was so childishly flattered,

D9                 Bm7         F#7
Thought he'd swept her off her feet,

D9          Bm7-5           E
Who woke to find his dream shattered?

AM7       F#7   C#m7-5    Cm7-5
Might I repeat, might I repeat 

    D6          Dm+7        Dm6     AM7       C#m7-5       F#m7
For you needn't strain your eyes to see what I want you to see

B7      D      D6    Dm+7   Dm7 E7 AM7
That's right, you're look - ing at me.

*Requested by recent visitor Colin Brereton

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