You're My Everything

Words & Music by Mort Dixon, Joe Young & Harry Warren
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1964

G7/6      C9     C                  B7   E7
You're my everything underneath the sun,

A7        Dm     Dm+7  Dm7 Dm6           G6/7/5 
You're my everything,      rolled up into one.

G7     G6 C             Gdim           Dm7       G7
You're my only dream, my only real re - al - i - ty,

 Cdim  E7-9 Am      Am+7 Am7    D      D7         Dm7       G7   
You're  my   i - dea of      a perfect per - son - al - i - ty.

G7/6      C9     C                  B7   E7
You're my everything, everything I need;

 A7        Dm     Dm+7 Dm7 Dm7            E7-9   E7
You're the song I sing     and the book I read.

E7sus4 E7 Am     Am+7  E7-9       G6  G5  G6     E7/9
You're a  way beyond belief, and just to make it brief,

Bm7-5     G       Cdim     Dm7       G7/6   C
You're my winter, summer, spring, my everything.

*Requested by recent visitor Carlos Nable, Jr.

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