Yours (Quiereme Mucho)

Words & Music by Agustin Rodriguez, Music by Gonzalo Roig, 1931
English lyric by Jack Sherr
Recorded by Jimmy Dorsey, 1941 (#2)

D9   D9sus4 D9   G     Em7  Em7sus4  G    D
Yours till  the stars  have   no    glo - ry,

D9   D9sus4 D9  G    B7       Em  B+  Em7  Em6
Yours till the birds fail to sing,

G    G/F#      G/B A7  G    G/B    A7
Yours till the end of life's sto - ry --

G    G/F#      G/B  A7  A7+5  D
This pledge to you, dear, I bring.

D9   D9sus4 D9  G   Em7 Em7sus4  G     D
Yours  in  the gray of    De -  cem - ber,

B7             Cdim   B7   Em     B+  Em7  Em6
Here or on far dis - tant shores;

G             Gm7  Gdim       D      F#7    Bm      Bm7
I've nev - er loved an - y - one the way I love you --

          G      G/F#   A7     A7+5      D
How could I, when I was born to be just yours?

Though the song was already ten years old by then, 1941 saw this song chart four times. Besides Dorsey's version, Xavier Cugat and Vaughn Monroe both reached #16, and Benny Goodman hit #17 with his arrangement.

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