You Were Meant For Me

Words & Music by Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown
Recorded by Gene Kelly, 1952
From the movie "Singin' In The Rain"*

Em7  A7  G/B   A7/9  D     D6  B7
You were meant  for me,

Em7 A7  G/B  A7/9  D     D6  Cdim
I  was meant for you.

B7   F#7   D9        D6      Bm7-5        E7   
Na - ture patterned you, and when she was done,

Em7      A7      G/B     A7
You were all the sweet things 

Bm7-5     Cdim  A7
Rolled up  in  one.

Em7    G/B  A7  Em7     A7  G/B  A7/9 D    D6  B7
You're like a  plain - tive mel - o - dy

Cdim Em7   A7  G/B A7/9  F#7
That nev - er lets  me  free,

   Cdim B7    
For I'm content -- the

Em7      Bm7-5      Edim Cdim Em7 Cdim
An - gels must have sent  you and they

First Time:

Em7   A7  G/B  Gdim  D   Fdim  Em7  A7+5
Meant you just for   me. 

Last Time:

Em7   A7  G/B  Gdim  D
Meant you just for me.

Though widely known for its inclusion in this landmark movie, this song has its roots in another movie made more than 20 years earlier; it was one of the top hits of the the 1929 movie "The Broadway Melody." The main reason for its reappearance: co-writer Arthur Freed later became head of the musical section of MGM studios and recycled many of his own earlier hits. And who can blame him? They were great tunes.

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