You Were Only Fooling

(While I Was Falling In Love)

Words & Music by Billy Faber, Fred Meadows & Larry Fotine
Recorded by Kay Starr, 1948 (#16)

A              C#m7-5  F#7
You were only fooling,

    D      E7         A    AM7  A7  
But I was falling in love.

A7/6    E7     Bm7-5 E7 C#m7    F#7
It's a story as old as Adam and Eve --

B7          Fdim      B7       E   E7sus4       E7     E7+5
I was making love but you were ma - king  be - lieve.

A                  C#m7-5  F#7
You lied to me with kisses

      D             E7      A    AM7  F#7
I've tried to stop dreaming of,

    Bm7       E7   A    Cdim  Gdim
But you were only fool - ing   me

 F#m  B7     E7   Bm7-5 E7  A
While I was fall - ing  in love.

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