You Wonderful You

Words & Music by Jack Brooks, Saul Chaplin & Harry Warren
Recorded by Judy Garland & Gene Kelly
From the film Summer Stock, 1950

G   Cdim D7 Am7  G  Am7  G     Gdim  Edim  Am7
I'm glad I  met you,       you wonderful   you,

Am Am+7  A9 Am7 D7  Am7 D9      D7   Am7  G
I  can't forget you,       you wonderful you.

D      Am7  D7  G9       Edim
You're like a breath of spring,

  Am7       Gdim      Am7    D7    Am7alt  D7
A whole new thing has hap - pen'd,

D9  Am7    Am7 A7       E7     A7      E7
And with - out much a - do, I look at you,

     A7    Edim   D7
And there stands love.

G  Cdim D7   Am7   G  Am7  G       Gdim  Edim  Am7
My arms a - round you --     that's wonderful too;

Am Am+7 A9 Am7  D7  Am7 D9     D7    Am7  E7
So glad I found you,       you wonderful you.

Bm7-5  Am7    E7 Am          Am+7        Am7        D7
  Re - mem - ber find - er's keep - ers, los - er's weep - ers,

G9       Bm7-5       E7
And be - cause it's true,

Cdim   G     Em  Am7     D9    D7   G
You're mine now,     you wonderful you.

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